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Jes Extender Review: Is It The Best Penis Extender?

Since the rise of male enhancement devices and pills, and the anonymity that the internet offers, men have become more open to diJes Extender Coupon Codescussing matters about their sex lives, including their “sizes”, knowing the use of devices such as a penile extender could no longer embarrass them.

One of the reasons for this renewed interest is linked to scientific studies showing device extenders could be as effective as any penile enhancement procedure but more importantly, safer than the latter (123).

As someone who is most likely to consider size as an important factor in enhancing intimate relationships, you brave the world wide web and come across the website of a device extender developed by Danish surgeon Dr. Jorn Ege Siana: Jes Extender.

Soon after reading a number of important information about it, you become additionally curious but not sure where to find an objective view of the company and its product.

Luckily, what you are about to read cites different aspects of the product based on general user experience.

Discretion and Promptness

When delivered, the device would come in a discreet package, a manner that quickly makes a good impression of the company regarding handling orders and their customers.

Even though you are supposed to be more open about it now, keeping private matters as discreet as possible is a wise thing to do.

It has also been noted despite limiting orders through the website, the manufacturer can deliver the product within two days, not what you would generally expect from companies only accepting orders online.

You can only order Jes Extender on its official website

Assembly and Design

The device extender comes pre-assembled, making it easier for users to remember how parts fit together when they need to disassemble the device to clean it.

The device’s overall design could be intimidating at first. Some even say it seems to have been inspired by a torture device from the medieval era.

However, after watching the instructional DVD that comes with the package quickly reinforced the reason that the device extender is designed that way.

Guiding the User and Safety

The user manual lists five main parts, although most users think there are seven. If you are less inclined to assembling parts, this number would still not overwhelm you.

Moreover, the instructional DVD helps users visualize the assembly more clearly and understand its use easier than just referring to the user manual.

Within just a couple of uses, some customers became skillful in enumerating the parts in the order at which they are supposed to be assembled – base ring, two metal bars, support bowl, and silicon tube. The adjustment screws and spring contrivances are set on the metal bars.

The DVD also provides essential guidelines on how to correctly and safely mount, dismount and adjust the device. Some claimed it felt a bit awkward watching and following instructions from the video, but thought that it is a good idea to keep them safe.

Also, The JES extender is a certified medical device and has been assessed by the EU’s Medical Device Directive as safe. To further support this, users never reported dealing with erectile dysfunction, and other unwanted side effects and short-term results.

Weight and Durability

When users put the different parts together and placed it on their hands, the device already felt light, what more with wearing it. Most users claimed wearing it felt comfortable but only with loose pants.

However, they cannot wear it while sleeping or when they are engaged in an activity requiring constant movement.

Despite this disadvantage, the parts are made of only plastic and stainless steel- materials everyone knows would last for a while.

Comparing It to the Penis Pump

The device extender closely resembles a penis pump, but based on user experience, the former may require more time to dismount but far easier to clean.

While both only require bath soap and water to clean, users never had difficulties cleaning the device compared to the pump, which required reaching deep internal parts.

Actual Use and Effects

It is hard to believe the science of cytokinesis could even fully work for an organ as sensitive as the penis.

Cytokinesis is a process by which constant force is applied to a tissue, which then divides a tissue parent-cell to two child cells, eventually expanding the tissue. Just seeing “constant force” may cause grave concern for users.

As mentioned, the DVD includes step-by-step guides to ensure user safety.

Furthermore, the adjustment screws and hexagonal pistons on the metal bars allow users to adjust the traction force applied to their penises, maximizing the effects of the device while ensuring their safety.

The company recommends beginners to wear the device for four hours daily, using a traction force of 900 grams for three consecutive weeks. However, most users adjusted the force to 1200 grams after the first 14 days and just maintained wearing it for four hours daily

Most claimed to notice gains in their penises’ length and girth as early as the first month and only peaked after six months of using the device.

The claimed increases were between one to three inches, which is not bad for a device making use of a natural body mechanism.

Some Cons

The JES device extender did present some cons though:

  • Users had to regularly wear it for four hours a day but not when they are sleeping or moving a lot. If you are an active person, this would probably prove to be inconvenient.
  • Some users claimed they had to wait six months before noticing results.

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Recommendation – Jes Extender Review

Although there are disadvantages, the JES device extender is still a product worth getting.

This would not disappoint men who are willing to wait for half-at-year but see noticeable and permanent changes afterward.