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Meet Our Editorial Team

Dr. Gilbert Maxwell, Editor-in-Chief

Gilbert Maxwell is the lead writer and heart behind With a passion for men's health and wellness, Gilbert has dedicated years to researching, understanding, and sharing insights on male-centric health topics. His in-depth reviews and articles are a testament to his commitment to empowering men with knowledge and tools for a healthier life. When he's not delving into the latest health trends, Gilbert enjoys a good workout session and exploring nature's trails. Trust in his expertise and let Gilbert guide you through the intricate world of men's health.

Cecil Pearson, Senior Editor; Layout and Photography Head

Cecil's expertise spans from visual design to content organization. While she's a renowned photographer for fashion magazines, her primary focus remains on creating content that perfectly complements her imagery.

Chad Armstrong, Senior Editor; Head of Logistics

Chad's technical prowess is invaluable to MenHealthReviews. As our youngest logistics head, he ensures our content remains top-notch. When he's not working, Chad can be found skateboarding through New York or catching waves, a passion he hopes to indulge in more.