What Is SizeGenetics Extender? Review, Results & Price

Men will always be preoccupied with the size of their members, probably because they see it as the symbol of their power and masculinity.

How they perform in the bedroom is physically and psychologically linked to the size of their penis.

That is why it is crucial for most men to have a bigger and longer penis.

Science and technology have provided man the ability to create a wonderful device to enlarge the penis in a safe way. The result? SizeGenetics.

What Is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is perhaps the safest device for penis enlargement in the market today. With 2800 grams of tension, this traction device produces great results that other similar technologies have not done before.

Because of SizeGenetics’ high tension, you will surely get better results. This traction device was developed by scientists from the USA and Denmark, all with the objective of creating a world-class product for enlarging your member.

The strict standards that come with SizeGenetics account for its quality.

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Unlike products developed in China, this device will never malfunction and there is a 100 percent guarantee that SizeGenetics is safe to use. The developers have spent years of extensive research to deliver the best version of SizeGenetics. Truly, quality is the company’s top priority.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

SizeGenetics has a comfort system that allows the user to customize the device according to what suits his needs.

There are 58 different ways to wear SizeGenetics, and certainly, the device is designed to cater to all users. It fits the penis whatever size and length it has.

Because you are comfortable wearing the traction device, you will be able to wear it often. Thus, you’ll have faster and better results.

The company that brought SizeGenetics to you has teamed up with 3M, a trusted health care leader all over the world, to take advantage of their technologies with regards to their comfort plasters.

These plasters are used to prevent slippage or rubbing, giving you so much comfort.

After wearing SizeGenetics for several months, you will feel and see that your penis is becoming longer and bigger. This is because the cells in your penis have started to divide. The tension stretches the tissue and muscles.

Some of the great things about SizeGenetics are the following:

  • SizeGenetics is made of superior quality and is the safest penis extender available in the market today.
  • There is a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results.
  • It is clinically tested and recommended by doctors around the world. The number of people who have tried the product has mostly been amazed by the effects!

Benefits and Cons

Men who would use SizeGenetics would get the following advantages:

  • If you don’t see results, you’ll get your money back.
  • According to testimonials of those who have tried it, the size and length of your penis really change after months of wearing the traction device.
  • It is safe; it’s endorsed by doctors, and that already makes up for its price (which is, in fact, very reasonable).
  • Scientists from Denmark and the USA have ensured the safety and quality of SizeGenetics, which has been in the market for 18 years. It’s already an established product!
  • It’s comfortable to wear and fits all penis sizes. It is also durable and would last many years even after your first use.
  • The device does not cause any discomfort or soreness despite the fact that it stretches the muscles in your member.

The product has two disadvantages, though, but nothing serious.

  • Though SizeGenetics is for every male, individual results will still vary. Don’t expect to have as fast results as your friend.
  • SizeGenetics can only be purchased online.

SizeGenetics Price

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$499.95 – SAVE $200. Now $299.95!


Penis enlargement is no small matter (pun intended!). It can be your ticket to lasting satisfaction in bed. It is also a confidence booster. While you do want to have a bigger and longer penis, you also have to be a smart consumer.

Avoid traction devices that are too cheap to be of good quality. Your penis is sensitive to such devices, so you have to choose a traction device that won’t keep you from moving.

Apart from the brand name, your utmost priority should be comfort and results. You don’t have to endure pain and discomfort even at the expense of having a larger penis.

Try SizeGenetics and see the results for yourself! It is guaranteed that you’ll get the most out of this device. No need for enlargement pills or other supplements – SizeGenetics is the only thing you need!

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