Phallosan Forte Discount [For Sale] – January 2019

Why Order from the Official Phallosan Forte Website

Getting a Phallosan Forte discount is one of the many reasons why I would recommend that you order this device directly from the manufacturer.

Here’s why you must order Phallosan Forte for sale only from the official website:

Original Phallosan Forte

You can find lots of fake Phallosan Forte products online – even on popular platforms like eBay and Amazon.

For your health and safety, bear in mind that Phallosan Forte is patented and can be produced only by Phallosan.

Likewise, you can only buy the genuine device from their official website.

phallosan forte discount

Big Phallosan Forte Discounts & Promos

You’re entitled to 4 free sleeve-columns (1x S, 2x M, and 1x L) worth at least €100 with every purchase of a Phallosan Forte Package.

To get a Phallosan Forte discount, visit the official website here.

Free Android/iOS App

To achieve your goals faster, use the free personal Training Plan app for your Android and iOS devices.

The Phallosan Forte app will provide you with a training plan tailored specifically for your requirements and goals.

The app will be your everyday companion as you go through your Phallosan Forte training.

You’ll get regular reminders on your training schedule, as well as records of your training duration and frequency.

You will also receive important stats that will help you keep track of your progress.

This way, you’ll be motivated to keep on training.

In addition, you’ll get useful tips, news, and offers, as well as the contact information that can help you should you need assistance.

Two-Year Warranty on Parts

All parts come with a two-year warranty, except for consumables like vacuum condoms and protector caps.

2-Week Money-Back Guarantee

Try the product for 14 days. If, at any time during that period, you are not happy with the results, you can simply return the product and get your money back.

No questions asked!

That is how confident we are about the product and except for the few items with manufacturing defects, no one has availed of the money-back offer.

Discreet Delivery

We value our customers’ privacy. That is why we will deliver your order in plain and discreet packaging.

This way, no one will know the contents without actually opening the package.

You can even have your neighbors receive the package for you and not worry about them knowing what’s inside.

Speedy Delivery

The Phallosan manufacturer uses USPS for deliveries to America to ensure fast deliveries.

For replacement parts, the company uses Malta Post.

For orders from Austria and Germany, DHL is used.

Orders from other countries are delivered by local post services.

No Customs Duties for Deliveries to the USA and Most Countries in Europe

USA and European customers need not worry about paying customs duties for their orders because there is none.

For other countries, you can check with local customs officials.

You can also visit our website, specifically the order page, for a list of countries and their corresponding customs duties.

Visit Official Phallosan Website

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